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Edelbrock 3664 E-Street 2 EFI Systems, Base Kit

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  • Edelbrock 3664 E-Street 2 EFI Systems, Base Kit

    Does anyone know if you can still buy this kit and were? I have the Edelbrock Universal EFI Sump Fuel System 36031 already.
    Thank you, Zach

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    Ebay. Or all Craigslist.
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      So does Edelbrock not sale them anymore?


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        They were discontinued 9 months ago. So the only ones available now are Ebay, and All of Craigslist.
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          do you know why they discontinued them?


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            Personnel opinion:

            30 to 40 percent of the people installing a TBI system ( doesn't matter if it's a Holley, Fitech, Fast, or Edelbrock ) are mis-installing the product.

            The #1 problem is thinking that a TBI system is going to cure a "carburetor problem". When 60 percent of the time, the carburetor is fine.
            The engineers who design, prototype, then build the systems don't go onto Craigslist, and buy some $4000.00 oil burning, transmission slipping, over heating, badly rebuilt , cracked exhaust manifold vehicle to test the systems on. They generally start with their own, properly maintained vehicle.

            #2. Wrong intake manifold, and or camshaft selection. A TBI system injects the fuel differently then a carburetor. So the injectors are selected to mimic the the same way the carburetor gives fuel to the intake manifold. It's not 100 percent the same way. But it's generally close enough.
            The only true way to find out if it's the wrong intake manifold, or camshaft for a TBI system. Is to try it out. Most of the problems are cold starting issues with a TBI system.

            #3. Exhaust leaks. Or just bad placement of the O2 sensor....... I used some Sea Foam on a friends car last month. It found 2 exhaust leaks he didn't know, he had.

            #4. Bad battery voltages, and not connecting the ignition wire to the proper source.

            So. If your a manufacture of a good product. But you end up spending more time trying to fix things that are completely out of your control. It's just best to discontinue the product. Re-think how to simplify the diagnostic procedure. Then "maybe" reissue the product at a latter time.

            The NEW Pro-Flo 4 gets rid of the manifold problems. Manly do to the fact that the fuel doesn't have to travel through it any more. The electronics now have some diagnostics capabilities, and some of the tuning options can be more finely adjusted. Because it is a whole manifold kit. More "skill" is required to install it vs a TBI system. So the more knowledgeable persons will be doing the installations. Vs some one installing a TBI system on a poorly running motor.
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              Cool man. Thanks for all the information.


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                I am deeply saddened learning that the eStreet EFI V2 will be discontinued. After learning this my mind set was that the product is a "failure and drive at your own risk". I immediately panicked thinking that it will fail and leave me stranded, "with a $2500.00 setup and abandon a $20,000.00 vehicle". I started looking to the Holley Spreadbore to replace my setup and scrap the eStreet thinking the worst. I purchased and installed the 3605/36649 eStreet system with the 3674 Ignition package and followed all the instructions using a designated 12v, taking ignition cross-feed precautions, installed relays, opted for the sump pump setup, upgraded to a 140 Amp alternator, and on and on. I followed the blogs with the concerns I had adjusting for the best results and with trial and error figured out what worked best for my setup, including cold start issues.
                I am extremely content with the results. My only issue with the eStreet is the AC Idle Kick not ever responding to the RPM Input Settings.

                I did notice and took note when the EFI was placed on legacy status and my gut told me it was soon to be history.
                After reading that most of the issues were due to installation errors and not the product itself I was instantly relieved. However, because of the word "discontinued" I am on the fence about replacing it, I would like to leave the TBI in place because it works so well. Product support is as important to me as having insurance. I absolutely agree with your emphasis on installation procedures, system requirements and component compatibility producing satisfactory results.
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                  The AC kick in was always a hit or worked for some people perfectly, some said it did not "kick" in enough.
                  If you can increase, and hold the idle with your throttle pedal, "at" the RPM you need. Then it's a lot easier to install a kick up solenoid.

                  The whole deal about Edelbrocks newest EFI systems ( all the ones newer the Pro-Flo 2 ) is the simplicity of the installation, setup procedure, and easy to understand adjustment procedures.

                  Their first systems ( up to the Pro-Flo 2 ) are great systems for people who know how to adjust the different settings.
                  The newer product does have a small learning curve ( you should have a little understanding about adding, and removing fuel ), but you don't need a PC to adjust it.

                  Edelbrocks EFI systems use American made components, when they can. So the parts aren't junk that breaks in the first two weeks of ownership.
                  If you follow the history of Edelbrock's EFI systems from 1979 to date. Most of the components ( consumables ) have been mostly the same parts.....the only part that's hard to find/replace is the TPS sensor used on the Pro-Flo ( it's not being made any more, but you can modify a unit to fit ). So for 39 years only 1 part is hard to find. That's a darn good track record. Especially when you consider that each new system is different, and better.
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                    Thanks for the info. The verdict is to leave the eStreet in place. The idle with the AC on is slightly noticeable, I can live with it.