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Need Information concerning the Sump System

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  • Need Information concerning the Sump System

    Hello Everyone! I'm interested in buying the Edelbrock EFI for my Mustang and wanted to ask a question on the Sump system. I have been reading that people have problems with the sump system(not entirely from Edelbrock) overheating? I would like to have this system and wanted to know if anybody who has this sump system is having problems with their Edelbrock Sump overheating? If so what ways is there to keep it from overheating?

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    No one has posted issues on the sump.
    Other then "stuck floats"....that's a very rare problem.

    The sump is not a device you would place next to a heated device. Like a exhaust manifold/header.
    Their general installed on the opposite side of the battery. In "front" of the engine.
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