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Edelbrock universal sump

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  • Edelbrock universal sump

    does anybody run a vent line from sump to fuel tank? I

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    Is it ok just to leave it? Or just run a hose with a filter somewhere in front of engine bay?


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      In a nut shell: It is a fuel tank.
      So you treat it like a fuel tank.

      The vent line should be short, and have some kind of filter to block bugs from clogging it up. I like using the old school bronze filter. They look like their made from tiny little metal balls.
      Russell makes a couple. For 5/16" fuel line #645090 ( black one ), of 3/8" line #8157 ( black one ) only need to use a 5/16" line.
      Mount it pointed away from the engine, and brakes.

      I would stay away from mounting a vent line from the sump to the tank. If the long line gets plugged it could cause some strange problems.
      It is technical the safe way of doing it. But technical your now asking the regular gas tank vent, to vent 2 tanks now. That could cause some strange problems to.
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        It looks like people were doing crummy installations with their sumps. So the instructions that come with the sump are now more idiot-proof.

        The newest points of things to do, and not do with the sump are:
        1. Only use it on vehicles that stay on level ground. Specifically. No rock crawling, or situations that have the sump at 45 degree angles for extended periods.... Basically treat it like you would a carburetor. It uses floats like a carburetor, to keep the fuel at the proper level inside the unit.

        2. Use 5/16" "fuel line" back to the fuel tank from the sumps vent. This vent line might have to have a fitting added to the tank, or the fuel filler neck.....There's a easy no-weld way of doing this. On a 100% empty, washed, and dry tank. Also adding a fitting to rubber fuel filler necks. I'll post the parts to use latter.

        3. Follow the instructions for installing the fittings to the tank....Guess people were doing them too tight, and cracking the sump.

        I'm going to leave my upper post unedited for historical purposes, and I'll get a list of parts posted to add a vent to the fuel tank in the next 2 days.
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          So is it ok still to not run a line from sump to tank? And just run a small hose to front of engine with filter?


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            Your question is way to general after my last post.
            So. The best answer to your particular question is a flat out NO!
            Re-read my last post, and do as the instructions say.
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              We recommend that you run the vent line from the sump back to the tank for all applications of the sump.