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Using in tank fuel pump

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  • Using in tank fuel pump

    I was getting ready to setup my e-street efi and got my new fuel tank all setup with an in-tank aeromotive stealth 340 pump. I have it all wired using a summit racing relay kit. Is that pretty much the same idea as using the edelbrock fuel pump relay kit? The wiring seems the same, just wondering if any fuel pump relay kit will work. Thanks

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    Yes, any relay will work as long as it is wired the same.


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      Thanks so much for the response and help with that.


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        Steve would you please post a wiring schematic., I have an E Street EFI V1 that I am converting from an Edelbrock Sump to a Tanks Inc. with tank pump. How should it be wired when using the E Street EFI V1 . ECU. I am not not having much luck!


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          Only run the ORANGE 12v power wire to your intank pump.

          Normally those pumps are grounded to the chassis near the tank. 36054 relay wiring.JPG


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            Thank you.....pump ran for 8 second prime and then started just like it should. I have only one issue now and that is the fuel pressure runs between 62 and 70. Looks like I may need to install the pressure regulator unless there is a map tweak. I am using an AC Delco filter regulator....and returning at the tank. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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              " Using AC Delco filter regulator."

              Running a second pressure regulator, is not a good idea.

              This a good reason to use an " Adjustable fuel Regulator ", then you can move pressure up/down as needed.

              Note: the LS filter/regulator is a good idea, but understand pressure may not be exact.


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                Well I will remove the LS filter regulator and plumb the Adjustable fuel regulator and a 10 micron filter in its place so that I can adjust it as you said as needed. That was always my back up plan in case the LS didn't work out. I had them on hand. I was just happy to get the fuel pump to respond. Thanks again for your support!