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Old 03-28-2010, 08:57 AM
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Thumbs up QD 1 vs. QD 2

Been using the QD 1 for a while and loved it, but finally got ahold of the QD 2 recently and it is awesome. The software and hardware are a big step up from the old unit. I was able to use all of the old sensors since the connectors remained the same. The new software makes the calibration process a snap, and the new analysis software makes post processing a breeze compared to the old system.

I've used full-up laboratory data aq systems in the past and have friends with other "racing" data aq systems and the new qwikdata system is right up there with these systems. For the money, not sure there is a better way to go to get an understanding of what is happening to your car as it goes down the track.

I'm currently running the system on a bracket car and logging wideband O2, oil press, fuel press, rpm, output shaft speed, 8 exhaust gas temps, water temp, trans temp, intake air temp, battery voltage, lateral accel, longitudinal accel, throttle position

Anyone else out there running the QD 2???? Anybody got any opinions to share?
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Old 05-31-2010, 04:48 PM
lage lage is offline
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Hi, we are also using the QD2 on a twin turbo car in Sweden. We had also a QD1 and we are in the same opinion that if you like the old one you will love the new one.
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Old 07-17-2011, 10:05 PM
prudence12 prudence12 is offline
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No QD's around here. =(
I want to see some this vacay!
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Old 08-29-2011, 03:36 PM
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I think you can pre-order online. It's pricey, though. But I think you can haggle with the big guys. Hope you get yours.
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Old 03-14-2014, 10:26 AM
ag460torino ag460torino is offline
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Default new QD2

Hi guys (and gals if out there),
I just received my QD2 advanced system and after doing research and checking prices I bought it direct from Edelbrock for 500.00 LESS than Summit Racing which is right up the road from me! They had it in stock but then found that one sensor was missing and was waiting for it to come in. Their communication was AWESOME! I live in OH and it came from CA which is a 4-5 day trip anyways and I had it in 10 working days! But I found one pigtail missing. Called them up and they sent it immediately along with a 6' extension that I need for my diff sensor FOR FREE for my inconvenience! You don't get any better service than that!!!

My injection tuner recommended the "common" systems that he uses and sells. You know the ones... r***p*k, lol. He told me that it would cost double for all the things I wanted to monitor compared to the QD2! The price difference in sensors alone is crazy!

I'm installing it in my 68 Ford Torino, 510CI, 8-71 Hampton Blower, Enderle Bird Catcher mechanical fuel injection running alcohol and a little shot of NOS.

I'm monitoring the 8 EGT's, fuel press & temp, oil press & temp, trans press & temp, coolant press & temp, blower manifold press & temp, ambient air temp, crank rpm, drive shaft rpm, designated tach, LF tire rpm, the internal lon/lat & voltage drop and still have 5 ANA ports open!! And I have under 4K for everything!

My tuner said he doesn't put near that many sensors on his pro mods but liked that I went the extra mile! Basically an on-board DYNO! lol

I can't wait to get it all hooked up. I'm really glad I came across this post because even though I had done research, I didn't find a lot of feedback. Makes me feel much better to see that you guys that have used the older ones and now the newer ones love them!!!

So if you are looking to purchase one, check around for the best price and availability.... and you may just end up doing like me and buying direct and saving BIG $

Thanks for the post (even though I hijacked it, sorry).

Have a good one,
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