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  • Getting frustrated

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    Getting frustrated trying to get Pro Flo XT #3527 on SBC running. Here is what I've done thus far:

    Validated fuel pressure of 42psi at rail
    Validated 12v at both key on and start positions. Hand held shows 12.2 v at key on position and drops to 10.5v during start position while cranking.
    Validated distributor dropped in at 10d BTDC and rotor pointing to #1.
    Validated 3 amp and 20 amp fuse are good.
    Updated to version 15 firmware.

    I have NOT been able to find any spark at #1 via using a timing light while cranking.

    Please help!!!!!

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    Let me also say I have 12 v at the coil in the key on position while the fuel pump cycles for 3-4 sec.

    Validated and doubled, triple checked all connections.

    Handheld cal monitor sees TPS changes, H20 temps and pressures.

    Dazed and confused


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      Bad hall effect sensor? Remove cap and rotor, rotate the nuts on the outside so the they unlock the circuit board. Then you carefully lift the curcuit board up and out. You can test it by putting 12v to the red (postive) and black (negative) wires. Then put a voltmeter across the signal wire (positive) and black (negative). Now when you insert a feeler gauge or something similar in between the sensor pickups you should see the voltage increase.


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        rippin_355 is indeed correct. Bad distributor...packed and sent back to Edelbrock today.

        For future searches on this topic here is the trouble shooting process I followed per guidance from Dave and Clay at Edebrock.

        Using a volt meter with the black probe on the battery negative post and the red lead inserted into the back of the distributor weather pack jumper on the purple wire you should see a minimum of 6 volts while cranking. I saw a fluctation of .3 to .9 volts.

        Thanks to those who provided feedback...I appreciate it!!