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TPS and RPM Troubles?

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  • TPS and RPM Troubles?

    I had the rebuilt engine tuned by a pro, and it was running great. Once everything was broken in, I mashed the gas and immediately broke several valve springs. Turned out the builder had used too soft springs. So I had the engine pulled, new springs put in, and engine reinstalled.

    Two problems now:

    First, it won't idle unless I keep my foot on the accelerator pedal. As long as I do, it runs great. TPS sensor reads 30 deg with engine off. Idles great with my foot holding it at 38 deg.

    Second, it won't rev past 3100 RPM, where it used to run freely up to the 6000 RPM limiter. At WOT the TPS only reads 40 deg.

    Any helpful thoughts?

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    sounds like TPS is not installed correctly or is faulty
    remove it and check or replace
    I have proflo2 so am not familiar with XT


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      Sounds like my problem i had.Replace the TPS..Use GM though


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        after 7.500 miles on proflo2 i have replaced genuine TPS twice so including original that is 3 genuine TPS, I have now fitted GM and has been about 2000 miles trouble free


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          What is the difference between the Pro-Flow 2 and the XT TPS? What is the difference between the edelbrock and the GM TPS? I have a PRO-FLOW 2 on my car now and have a warning signal the the TPS is going out


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            sorry don't know anything about proflo xt
            gm tps is identical physically but the range is different it requires a different sensor breakout calibration that you need to invent yourself


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              Okay, thanks for all the replies. Sounds like I know where the problem is.