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Pro flow upgrade and supercharger

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  • Pro flow upgrade and supercharger

    I'm putting together a EFI system with a Eaton 112 supercharger for my boat and wanted to ask a couple of questions about the Pro Flow 2 upgrade.

    I'm looking for an electronics package to support my project and I think the Pro Flow upgrade might suit the bill.
    As it stands right now I have fabricated a manifold to adapt the Eaton supercharger to my engine, which is a 350 Mercruiser (essentially the same as a small block Chevy). I have already fitted the manifold with fuel injector bungs, 50 lbs per hr injectors and fuel rails. I have a fuel system with everything except the fuel pressure regulator. I have the throttle body and a few other misc. parts.
    I'm trying to find out if what I have plus the addition of a Pro Flo 2 upgrade is going to be enough to make a complete EFI system. I'm also curious if the upgrade is going to able to control my ignition advance on my existing distributor (Mercury Thundervolt 4) or I'm I going to need to change to a different ignition system.?
    Any help that can be offered would be appreciated as well as any comments on this project.

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    Roger, the upgrade kit may fit your needs. You will have to switch to a Mallory 6148201 distributor or use our 3576 distributor conversion kit in a factory big or small cap distributor. Your factory ignition won't be used with our kit. Other than that what type of throttle body do you have? You will need to calibrate the system to work with your TPS sensor. Also our system uses mostly GM type sensors like water temp, air temp, and map sensor so, that should be easy to accommodate. You can also use one of our adjustable fuel pressure regulators like 1728 or 1729. Thanks!


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      Thanks for the Input J. The throttle body I have is a 2003 factory Ford lightening (which is where I sourced the Eaton blower from). When you say that I will have to calibrate the TPS is that something that can be done with the hand held programmer or is there more to it than that.